Just recently we came to know that Electronic Arts is working on a Project known as Atlas. This Electronic Arts Project Atlas is an integrated “game engine + services” game development platform, which EA is currently developing.

The aim of this Electronic Arts Project Atlas is to create their own version of Cloud Gaming. It will specifically aim to utilize the potential of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

This was revealed in a lengthy blog post Published over at Medium. Their Chief Technology Officer Ken Moss has shed light on the first details of Electronic Arts Project Atlas.

This project is one of the major focus of the company. More than thousand EA employees are working on this title right now.

The goal of the company is to unlock the creative potential of the developers in the gaming sector in order to give a rebirth to cloud computing and AI.

Moss said,

With Project Atlas, we are starting to put the power of AI in the creative’s hands. In one example, we are using high-quality LIDAR data about real mountain ranges, passing that data through a deep neural network trained to create terrain-building algorithms, and then creating an algorithm which will be available within the platform’s development toolbox. With this AI-assisted terrain generation, designers will within seconds generate not just a single mountain, but a series of mountains and all the surrounding environment with the realism of the real world. Channeling my 15-year-old self as a burgeoning game maker, I’m especially excited about what all this means for developers large and small. And this is just one example of dozens or even hundreds where we can apply advanced technology to help game teams of all sizes scale to build bigger and more fun games.

Moss further added that this Electronic Arts Project Altas will empower the gamers with an ability. Which will generate content and mods in much more better and secure way.

It seems to be that EA has set its visions in line, similar to that of Google and Microsoft. Which is a really bold step in the development sector. Also earlier this year, EA also took acquisition over GameFly’s cloud gamin assets and personnel. Which means they are dead serious.

Since we are talking about, EA and have mentioned Microsoft, we can help but mention that there have been quite a lot of rumors regarding Microsoft having intentions to acquire Electronic Arts or Activision.

However, there were some rumors and based on the flow of development EA is on. It seems pretty unreasonable for Microsoft to make such a move.

So what are your thoughts about EA’s Project Atlas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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