World of Warcraft Classic demo is scheduled to go live on 2nd November. Scratch that statement as fortunately for the fans and unfortunately for the devs as it may seem, some of the people are already playing it. Apparently, some of the players have cracked the World of Warcraft Classic Demo.

There is even a video available to prove it. Earlier this week, Blizzard made World of Warcraft Demo available for pre-load for the ones who own a BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket (which is a requirement to play the demo as well).

However, even though the demo is available for download, it is locked and is scheduled to kick off on 2nd November. Well, that has not stopped people from cracking it.

Over at Youtube, a comparison video that showcases the gameplay of World of Warcraft Classic Demo and compares it to the 2006 World of Warcraft.

This video is the courtesy of the Youtuber, who goes by the name, Dodgy Kebaab. Whose channel specifically works to crack such demos, alpha and beta versions of games in order to discover secrets beforehand.

With that said, this demo video is available below. Something to add is that playing this demo is limited in its nature as there are not quests not NPCs in the game. So leveling up is not an option, however, if your aim is to explore the secrets then you are in luck as you get to explore the landscapes.

When asked, whether Dodgy Kebaab is worried about Blizzard taking down his comparison video, he said,

Well they’ve left people uploading screenshots alone on Reddit. So we’ll see.

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