Where there is a huge open world, there are always some concerns about how will we be traveling the long distances in the game. While there are a few who enjoy the long distance travels but for the most, it becomes tedious and sometimes excruciatingly painful. However, the devs have given a few options to the players when it comes to Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel.

Among those options are the trains and stagecoaches, which are marked on the Red Dead map and you only need a little to use those options. How can you activate these options is pretty easy. Head on down to a train station or a stagecoach area using the map and then indicate where you want to travel.

However, there is also another way to fast travel in the game. Most of the players at the moment are not aware of it since the game does not explain it completely.

Players can use Morgan’s lodging to fast travel at any of the base camps, in order to travel to locations, provided the fact that they have visited those locations before.

Here is how you can unlock.

Arthur’s Lodging Upgrade

Starting off, players will need to gain access to the Ledger at the base camp. Within the Ledger, you will find a section for Lodging. Its first entry is an upgrade for Dutch’s Lodging, aka “First Things First”. This upgrade will make the members of Dutch Van Linde gang contribute towards the camp’s funds. It would cost you about $220.

After the players have purchased the Dutch Lodging upgrade, players will unlock the ability to upgrade Auther’s Lodging. Here among those upgrades is the fast travel as well. Although the upgrade is expensive but rests assured once done, it will be worth a while.

After that players can easily use this option of Red Dead Redemption 2 Fast Travel to visit places back and forth. With all that said, Red Dead Redemption is available on 2 discs across PS4 and Xbox One.

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