If you would remember, last year, Alan Wake was taken off from all the digital storefronts because there were issues with music licenses being getting expired. Following that Microsoft was not able to re-license these expired licenses. Now, however, things have changed and Alan Wake is back Digital storefronts.

Well, at the moment it is available on Steam at a sale price of $3. Apparently, Microsoft has re-licensed the music of this game. Similar is the deal for GOG.

Having said that presumably an Xbox listing is also expected to come out soon. So the once gone Alan Wake is now back. And what a comeback it is.

As you may already know that Red Dead Redemption 2 has just recently rolled out and both of these games have a long time bond. As the original Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake rolled out on May 18th, 2010. And now when Red Dead Redemption 2 has rolled out AW strikes again.

Last time Red Dead took a great tool on the prospective sales of the AW, however now this once gone game might have a chance to take revenge in a way.

So now would be a perfect time to pick your choice, Alan Wake or Red Dead Redemption 2? You decide. Well of course for us it would be Read Dead 2.

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