Both of these games require little or no introduction. Black Ops 4 has rolled out just recently and seems to be owning the market all the while, Battlefield V is still a few days apart from its release, the devs of this upcoming game seem to be taking a toll at Black Ops 4. How’s that possible? Well the Battlefield V Dev, Florian Le Bihan, who happens to be the core gameplay designer for this game is apparently a little too good when it comes at playing Black Ops 4.

This is more of a situation rather than a news, as just recently this Battlefield V Dev, Florian Le Bihan was playing Black Ops 4 and was actually pretty good at it. Perhaps a little too good, to be precise and that is conceivably the reason he got banned from the game.

Apparently, this Battlefield V Dev has received a ban because of his amazing skills. At least that is what seems to be the case.

We came to know of this when Le Bihan recently posted a picture of his ban, over at Twitter a few days back. Short of which, he also uploaded a gameplay video on Youtube as well.

As you may see in the clip that in just three minutes, he was able to rack up a hefty amount of kills in quick succession. His headshot sills are pretty decent. Using a Mozu pistol which has been fitted with a scope, he took down his enemies. What is really captivating is the fact that he actually eliminates opponents before most of the people notice them. And we have not yet shed light on his sniper rifle skills.

Now with all that said, we like to think that what this Battlefield V Dev, Florian Le Bihan hoped to achieve he actually has. He has actually highlighted that Battlefield V players can actually take down Black Ops 4 players in an afternoon meal. That is to say, Black Ops 4 might have realized this situation spiraling out of control.

And implemented the ban before anyone had any wrong ideas. Now with that put into context, it may be a friendly gesture at most but it does imply a strong message. That Battlefield V is on its way and Black Ops 4 should be ready.

We all are aware of the fact that EA DICE has invested quite a lot of hard work in this game. However, we and they both know that its only one true competitor is CoD. And there are some concerns among fans about it as well.

While the Battlefield V Devs has said that this game, especially its gunplay will be pretty close to reality, we think that they have been smart enough to buy themselves ample time to see, what Black Ops 4 had on its plate. And it is short of nothing.

So now at this point, all eggs are in one basket for Black Ops 4, however, Battlefield V has still time to mend things if necessary.

What are your thoughts about the Battlefield V Dev gunplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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