If there is one title Bethesda has worked really hard on and is probably skeptical about as well, it none other than Fallout 76. As you may know that this upcoming title, is Bethesda’s experiment in a way as they have shifted the Fallout title into the multiplayer genre of gaming. That said while the game is set to roll out coming November, it is about time the Fallout 76 Beta is taking place.

Fallout 76 Beta is scheduled to start on October 30th. As always the reason for this beta is to receive player feedback and see how the game plays out. Also to take notice of bugs and glitches which they might have missed or might not have anticipated.

With that put into context, the devs have already warned beforehand that fans should expect an array of glitches that require fixing. So patience is something that is definitely a requirement if you up for Fallout 76 Beta.

Be that as it may, as you may know, the Xbox players have the privilege of receiving this beta earlier compared to the players on other platforms.

Moreover, the beta servers will be timeframed, which means that players will have to stay sharp, using either the website or social media. Additionally, this Fallout 76 Beta will feature the full extent of the official release in November.

You would be glad to know that according to the devs, whatever progress the players make in the Beta, it will carry on to the main game as well, so that is a reassurance.

This is pretty awesome because it will give the players a head start when the official game’s lands. Having said that Bethesda, has been working very hard on this upcoming game, from its gameplay to various details of the game. So bets are it will reach the expectation the devs are aiming for.

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