While the Destiny fans are still enjoying Destiny 2 and expecting more Destiny 2 DLCs in the coming months, a rather peculiar news has surfaced which has got everyone’s attention, a little too much. Apparently, it seems like Destiny 3 might already be in the works.

Now before we go any further on this, let us be very clear that this is a news, which a Redditor has claimed just recently and bears the tendency to be proven wrong. So we would urge you to take this as lightly as you can. However, we can not just ignore such news, provided the fact that it also has the possibility of being true as well.

Which would then raise a series of queries, when will it release? What new features will be added? Who is in the development team. Well, this Reddit user has not added much info regarding all that but he seems to have provided us with some interesting details to get the ball rolling.

The Reddit user goes by the name, AnnonTheNine”, and based on his word, the director of Destiny 3 will be Chris Barett. However, he did add that Luke Smith will still be playing a vital role in its making.

Moreover, AnnonTheNine said that with Destiny 3, the devs will be inclining more towards hardcore fans of the title and that is why they will be introducing quite a lot of new interesting features.

He revealed a lot of small details, where are perhaps the reason for such hype for Destiny 3. According to him, a playable location, Europa will also be added. Europa, if you could recall, was teased a few years back. Apart from all that allegedly Destiny 3 will also be diverting its attention towards RPG elements in comparison to Destiny 2.

Lastly, he said that the devs will also be adding open world areas which will have PvP and PvE content, players will be fighting to conquer territory. So that is something to look forward to perhaps?


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