The upcoming drama film, Waiting for the Barbarians which is based on a novel by John Maxwell Coetzee has already stirred quite a lot of excitement among the drama film enthusiasts. However, it wasn’t anywhere near to the hype that is in the atmosphere at the moment. And the reason for that the news of Johnny Depp joining, Waiting for the Barbarians Cast.

Alongside, we have the talented Robert Pattinson and the acclaimed Mark Rylance. So this seems to become a kind of trio which most of the fans are already looking forward too.

This film is being helmed by Columbian filmmaker Ciro Guerra, who known for Embrace of the Serpent. That said, Johnny Depp on the, on the other hand, requires little or no introduction. He résumé speaks for itself. Similar is the case with Robert Pattinson and Mark Rylance.

As you may know that for most of Depp’s roles have been pretty much peculiar in nature. However, his performance has always been staggering, which has had everyone wanting to see this guy in more versatile roles and now it seems like he is turning the wheels of his career.

The original synopsis of this upcoming film reads, as follows.

A British magistrate working in a small colonial town begins to question his loyalty to the Empire.

That said, are you excited to see Johnny Depp joining the Waiting for the Barbarians Cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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