If are to follow the rumors regarding PS5 Release, then you would know that we know nothing. However, since those rumors are pretty thin, we will go with a late 2019 release or sometime in 2020. Now even though there is little knowledge about the kind of features this upcoming console will have, we have found our selves with two features, which are all but confirmed.

As you may know that there is not even a single drop of legit information know about PS5, based on some recent unofficial details. Two PS5 features might have been confirmed.

The two features included are backward compatibility and the new BD-XL disc. Starting off, Sony has recently announced that it plans to release the new BD-XL disc in the coming month.

They added that it will be able to store up to 128 GB of data across its four layers. Which means that each layer is capable of holding about 32 GBs of data.

Considering the fact that large file sizes are actually a thing in the modern day video games, a disk that has the capacity to hold large files of data is more of a necessity.

Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 which requires over 100 GB on consoles are the living proof of rising need for more capacity. So it is a lot of assurance, to know that Sony is on top of the rising memory issue.

Now let us move to the second alleged feature, the backward compatibility. You may already know that Sony has always avoided consideration when it came to backward compatibility. However, Microsoft has worked on BC, which has ultimately resulted in forcing Sony into consideration.

Just a little while back, a patent was filed which has revealed that Sony is looking into PS5 backward compatibility.

With all that said, PS5 Release is currently unknown and so are its features. For now, these two features are the closest our speculations can get us.

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