Activision’s newest Call of Duty recently released and as most have guessed, it really seems to be the hot favorite at the moment. As just recently Activision has announced that the Black Ops 4 Sales have delivered a remarkable $500 million in just three days of its release.

This news does not come as much of a surprise because as soon as Black Ops 4 rolled out. Activision the very next day specifically added that Black Ops 4 Sales have rest Activision’s history. In fact, they added that it has exceeded all the expectations on its opening day and has set a new record for the company.

And now knowing that in just three days of its launch, the game was able to deliver $500 million only gets us thinking what it puts on the table for Battlefield V? As that game even before its release has already suffered quite a lot of criticism.

Also to add, according to Activision, the total number of combined players online on Black Ops 4 during its launch weekend have set a new record for the franchise itself on the current gen consoles. Yes, they added that it has left behind CoD WWII and CoD Black Ops 3 as well.

So with all that said, there should not be any doubt about this game being as amazing as promised. Who should be worried right now are the Battlefield V fans.

We all know that DICE’s Battlefield and CoD have always been good competitors of each other. Although it has been suffering from some raised concerns, we would definitely like to see DICE give CoD a run for its money but at this point, it seems to be the other way round.

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