Fans of Usain Bolt have had their eyes peeled out for the news of Usain Bolt making his way into FIFA 19 game. Unfortunately, he did not make it into the game at launch. However, now though few things have come to light which seems to point out to the inevitable possibility of him being included, making the Usain Bolt FIFA 19 dream true at last.

Most of the fans had already been rooting to see the world’s fastest man in this latest installment but it did not happen. Although now considering the fact that he is close to signing his contract the Usain Bolt FIFA 19 dream seems to finally turn true.

Apparently, this Olympian sprinter has started to make a name for himself in the world of football. Now, this rise in the popularity of the football industry seems to be catching attention. As just a little while back Bolt was in a football trial with the A-League side Central Coast Mariner.

However, until recently he made a debut with the club in a friendly match, which really caught everyone’s attention. Now, this has everyone thinking that if he gets signed up for the club, it would make the Usain Bolt FIFA 19 rumors finally turn true.

With all that put into context, it is rumored that the next winter FIFA 19 update could very well include Usain Bolt. Now since these are mostly rumors, we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt for now.

Be that as it may what really seems to be the captivating point for the fans is the fact that if he gets featured in FIFA 19. He would then be the fastest player in the game as per a source of Fox Sports Asia.

Having said that even though FIFA 19 suffered sales drop in the UK initially it has been at the top for quite some time. Also if Usain Bolt FIFA 19 rumor turns true, it would probably add more to the sales, perhaps.

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