It has been over six years since we have had a sequel to one of the best 3D fighting series. However, now as you may know things are about to change. And it is only a matter of days before we lay our hands on one of the best entry in the series yet. And that is why it is a perfect time for a Soulcalibur VI Review.

It would not be wrong to say that Soulcalibur has made a triumphant return in its seven entry into the main series. The hype is at an all-time high and why not, with the addition of some of the most notorious characters in the game is just one of the minor perks of this upcoming game.

If you have been wondering, what this Soulcalibur VI Review is all about, then let it be known that we believe in, see it to believe it and that is why we are keeping it simple.

This new addition to Bandai Namco’s series of arcade fighting game has kept true to its origin. It has stayed true to its unique brand of weapon-based combat, all the while introducing a considerate amount of new attractive mechanics.

Of course, the visuals as you may have seen in the trailer of the game are true. They have improved significantly, after so many years, we certainly can expect that much improvement.

With that being said, this brilliant combination has set it apart from its predecessors, all the while it has kept the soul of Soulcalibur alive in all aspects. Furthermore, it gladdens us to know that in this genre, its existence will bring quite an amount of competition that had died out.

Be that as it may, for the devs this title is a total risk in a manner. This the producer himself added back at Gamescom 2018. According to the producer of the game, Motohiro Okubo.

It is imperative that this game is successful because if it suffers a major blow, it might become the last Calibur of the series. Putting that into context and the fact that the current Soulcalibur VI Review in various publications also seem to be positive. Which points to the possible success that is awaiting this game.

So all in all, despite some minor issues, this game does bring with it a lot of love and promise. Still, this is our piece of the puzzle, when you get your hands on the game, do let us know your take on it.

Soulcalibur VI is slated to roll out on October 19, 2018.

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