If you have been following then you would already be aware of the fact Microsoft announced the Initiative studio at E3 2018. Following its launch, Microsoft has been putting a lot of efforts to make the team of the studio team as talented as possible. And now with the addition of Rockstar Games Technical Director, it seems like they are on the right path.

Yes, just recently we came to know that the Rockstar Games veteran, Tom Sheperd has switched the boat. It is quite an assurance to know that Microsoft has added a valuable and talented person to the studio. Above all, he has the experience of working as the Rockstar Games Technical director.

We came to know of this news when Windows Central reported this hiring by Microsoft. However, the post of Tom has not gotten out yet but considering the fact that Initiative game studio has listed the job for the technical director it only seems to reason. Hopefully, we shall receive confirmation of this soon enough.

Since we are talking about his experience, let us add that Tom has worked on some of the biggest titles of the present era. He has worked on GTA 5 which needs no introduction and Red Dead Redemption. If that is not enough to capture your attention then you should also know that he has also been a part of teams behind the famous Max Payne 3 and Midnight Club 3.

To put it simply, he has about 11 years of experience at one of the biggest game company and that alone is a big assurance.

Since we are talking about Rockstar and its games, we certainly can not help but mention that the next sequel of Red Dead Redemption 2 is on its way and it is going to be huge.

Having said that it is very much noticeable that Microsoft has been trying to acquire quite a lot of studios over the past few years. They have been trying to expand and it seems to be working.

So let us hope that they are able to make Initiative Studio team as talented as they aim it to be. What are your thoughts on this whole situation of Rockstar Games Technical Director joining Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below.

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