Venom Critics should already be reevaluating their stance regarding this film not delivering what it promised it to be. As now without any doubt, it seems to be loved and praised by the audience, globally.

Venom holds the #1 position at the global box office

Well if anyone including us said that Venom would be a failure then all of us, have never been so wrong because this entertainment even with harsh criticism, has been able to hold the 1st position at the global box office. Bringing in $35 million domestically and $69.7 million internationally. Making it a global total of $105.4 million.

All the while Spiderman spin-off sits as $142 million domestically with an international total of 253 million. With that put into mind, Venom has brought in a global of $378.1 million and could well become Sony’s highers grosser for 2018.

With said that the musical number, A Star is Born, on the other hand, seem to be in deep waters apparently. It has been seeing a drop of 34.7 % weekend to weekend, however, it still has been able to hold onto the second place with another $28 million. So A Star is Born now Sits at $94 million domestically will internationally it sits with $41.2 million.

What do Venom Critics have to say now?

As soon as Venom rolled out, there was a lot of excitement among fans, mostly because the star Tom Hardy was leading the film. Which appears to have taken over the reviewers and critics. And got them singing that this film could have been more fun.

Variety’s Owen Gleiberman said,

“Venom could have been a fun creation, but the film spends too long watching him… originate.”

While A.V. Club’s Jesse Hassenger said that it to be a flawed attempt to create an ultimate villain.

“It’s disappointing to see Sony’s nascent, fumbling attempt at a Spider-Man without Spider-Man universe stumble through so much superhero-move detritus: perfunctory side characters (especially the women); the ultimate villain that’s essentially a supersized version of the hero;

However, while they thought that Tom Hardy will be the savior of the film, it still can be argued that it was not all Hardy. This film does seem to bring in a lot of joy. In fact the right amount of it. And perhaps that is why it is retaining its first position on the box office, globally.

So those, Venom Critics who said that this could turn out a failure should reevaluate their statements.

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