Well, this just came out of nowhere and it also might go into nowhere but for now, according to the producer of the Bond film series, Richard Madden As James Bond is in consideration.

This is based on a word of a source close to Barbara Dana Broccoli, who you may know as the producer of Bond film series. According to the source, Broccoli said that they are considering Richard Madden As James Bond.

Reportedly, Richard Madden has impressed the creators of Bond, with his performance in the British drama series, Bodyguard and that is why he is being considered to replace Daniel Craig.

Now, why does this come as a surprise is perhaps because of the fact that there have been some rumors which suggested Idris Elba as the next bond. In fact, there have been rumors for Tom Hardy as well.

However, this one in which Richard Madden is being considered as the next bond is the most recent one. Still, since this is not a confirmation, we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt for now.

Who would you like to see as the next Bond? Let us know in the comments below.

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