Just today Activision revealed in a press release that their newest Call of Duty, Black Ops 4 Sales have been through the roof. Setting new benchmarks for Activision.

For day one the company added that Black Ops 4 digital sales have set quite a lot of records, among which it has also rest Activision’s history, in terms of game sales.

Activision added that day one in relation to the Black Ops 4 Sales has been the biggest day in the history of Activision.

Now putting more accuracy, these digital sales for day one have broken the records, set by Call of Duty WWII, last year. Moreover, the game has also broken the global record for day one digital sales even on the PlayStation Store. The same has been the case for Xbox One and PC.

In fact, game sales for PC has been recorded to be the highest on the first day, it has doubled compared to those numbers set last year by CoD WWII.

Lastly, the number of people have also grown significantly compared to the numbers of last year’s release. Now the press release also included a comment from the Executive Vice President and General Manager Rob Kostrich.

Black Ops 4 is an incredible game, and the community’s response to it has been amazing. We have shattered multiple digital day one sales records, and the number of people who connected online on day one to play has grown year on year. But probably the most important thing is that the community is having so much fun across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout. We are so incredibly thankful for the community’s trust and support. This is just the beginning, it’s going to be an incredible journey with Black Ops 4.

With all that said, there it can’t be argued that the devs have been working hard to make this new CoD very different, compared to its predecessors. All the while trying to keep its true spirit intact. One of the major changes the devs have introduced in this CoD is the Battle Royale while excluding the Single Player campaign.

Over which it did receive mixed criticism but since Battle Royale genre is something that is a major influencer in the present global market, like Fortnite and PUBG, it only seems to reason.

Now if you would recall, back when pre-order sales started for Battlefield 5, Red Dead 2 and Black Ops 4. The numbers were very much astonishing for everyone.

Following that the analyst firm Piper Jaffray laid out its forecasts for these major games. In which the firm highlighted that Black Ops 4 Sales will beat Battlefield V sales.

So at the moment, we know that Black Ops 4 has already set the ground. Let us see what becomes of Battlefield 5, when it rolls out on November 20, 2018. Until then it seems to be CoD all the way.

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