The next biggest super-hero movie has finished production and for the better. After the ending fans were given in the Avengers Infinity War, there had been so much hustle and bustle over, what the creators of next Avengers have in store. Well, whatever it may be but it is good to know that Avengers 4 Production has finished.

As just recently there was somewhat of a mysterious image and a caption accompanying it, “#wrapped” made by The Russo Brothers, over at Instagram. Now we all know what that could mean?

We are also available of the fact that Russos have been teasing Avengers 4 Production details every now and then. However, from this thin tease, we think that it would be safe to assume that Avengers 4 Production has reached the end line.

Having said that we still are not aware what the title actually is. In the image, we can see a while blue object, which pretty much points towards a Tesseract. For those who are not aware, Tesseract was an ancient artifact which housed space stone.

It played a vital role until Avengers Infinity War, in which Thanos crushed it, in order to take out the stone. So perhaps the title for this Avengers may very well be related to the Tesseract.

Since we are talking about Avengers 4, here is another aspect for you to think upon. Apparently, it seems like this next Avengers will be the final stop for Captian America. This too comes on thin ice but does seem a likely possibility.

As just a little while back, Chirs Evans made a Tweet in which he made quite an emotional post. The kind one posts when he is about to say goodbye and such.

Which has led us to believe that Captian America might die Avengers 4. Be that as it may, Avengers 4 is scheduled to hits theatres on May 3, 2019. So what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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