There is no question about the intentions of Capcom regarding the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake. The devs are all in, trying to make this remake as amazing as possible. And perhaps that is why the Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda has shed light on the Visuals And Sound of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Kanda in the Capcom’s annual report added that they are making sure that the visuals of this game, as well as the sound composition of this game, give the fans a “nostalgic” feeling, all the while keeping its identity new.

Kanda said,

We launched into the development of [Resident Evil 2] with our minds set on satisfying the players’ expectations and utilizing the best tools at our disposal to recreate the game anew.

Actually, around that time, many of us were working on Resident Evil 7 biohazard (hereinafter “7”). Survival horror game fans have more than one need. 7 attempted to provide the ultimate horror experience with an overwhelming sense of immersion using VR. RE 2 aims for horror and entertainment, a game that is both scary and exciting. Each pursues a different way to enjoy the game. I think the diversity of this series, while always centered on horror, is very appealing.

However, when the started talking about the Visuals and Sound of Resident Evil 2 Remake that is where things stepped up for us. Talking about the design choices made by the team and how they have utilized the new technology, to make this remake amazing. He highlighted three aspects.

The Story:

For The story, he said that it was important to keep the original intact but also to introduce an even stronger theme and sense of drama that the fans know of.

In terms of the story, we followed the original while creating an even stronger sense of drama. For the game system, to maximize the fear of being eaten by zombies, we employed an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective, enabling the user to see both the character they are playing and the attacking zombie.

The Visuals:

Regarding the visuals, he said that they have attempted to create a photorealistic world of horror that attempts to dissolve the line between realism and unrealism.

For the visuals, we used our proprietary RE ENGINE to create a photorealistic world of horror that could be mistaken for live action.

The Sound:

Moving on to the sound, he added that by using the advanced technology, they have been able to actually add sound to every last bit of detail. Again dissolving the thin line between realistic and unrealistic.

In terms of audio, we used Capcom’s dynamic mixing stage, a newly built 3D audio booth in our R&D building with 7.1.4 channel Dolby Atmos. This enables changes in sound in real-time using binaural technology, enabling realistic audio that makes players feel as if they are actually there. Zombie moans can be heard to the right and left, in front and behind, affecting not only the sense of sight but of sound to make users experience a greater feeling of horror.

This is what Tsuyoshi Kanda had to say regarding the Story, Visuals and Sound of Resident Evil 2 Remake. And to be honest it only adds to more promise and perfection.

We already are aware of the fact that this remake is among those for which Capcom has quite a lot of expectations for which they seem to be working hard on.

Now as for technology, it was made clear that they will not be sparing any expense. Did you know that the engine used to develop this Resident Evil 2 Remake is same as that of Devil May Cry 5?

As for the origin story, when we saw the TGS trailer of this upcoming game, we pretty much got the idea of it trying to keep the origin story intact while bringing something new to the table.

All in all, let us hope that it reaches not only Capcom’s expectations but ours as well.

However, keeping what Kanda had to say what is your take regarding Visuals and Sound of Resident Evil 2 Remake? Let us know in the comments below.

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