It would not be wrong to say that most of us actually went to see Venom for Tom Hardy. And it was a right decision as well, provided you went to see the performance of Hardy because if you went in for the movie then you made a bad call. However, despite everything Venom’s Success seems to stems from its weakness.

This is to say, despite heavy criticism Venom has gone up at No.1 on the UK charts. Leaving behind Rowan Atkinson’s comeback and the much anticipated Oscar-tipped musical A Star Is Born.

Well, honestly that was not much of a competition to start with. A superhero movie’s competition could only be another superhero movie.

Having said that in UK Venom began with £5.65m from 556 cinemas, and if we include Wednesday and Thursday it went to £8.03m. This has not been the case in the UK only, it has globally taken oven.

When it rolled out, it was obvious after seeing it that Tom Hardy is the film and there was a question we asked ourselves. Will Hardy be able to save Venom? Well yes, he has been able to save Venom. In fact, he has taken the movie up to better heights.

Venom’s Success is something which none of us were anticipating. While it is still not a remarkable success for the superhero film but one can safely say that it definitely is a solid run.

Putting all that into context, bets are that Venom would probably be swinging close to $100 after today.

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Venom’s Success Comes From Its Failure, Becoming A Success? 4.7/5 (95%) 23 votes
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