If there is something that would come of like music to the ears, it is knowing that Naughty Dog is bringing something new to the ground. Well, this new rumor seems to suggest so.

According to a Twitter user @Daniel R, who is also known for leaking various other news, especially regarding Marvel and DC movies. Has given fans of Naughty Dog a bone to catch.

As per his word, the studio is working on another game alongside The Last of Us 2. Furthermore, he adds that it is in the early stages.

Now since this is a claim, we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt for now. However, do keep a watch out, such rumors do have the tendency to turn true most of the times.

Now what gives this rumor even more intensity is another claim by @Daniel R, who has provided an image of The Walking Dead actor Chad Coleman. Now not sure if that image is old or new but is barely connects.

So it would be better to wait before we start drawing any conclusions. Having said that while the first Last of Us reaches a 17 million mark, Naughty Dog currently has all hands on deck for The Last of Us 2. Capturing the engagement in the game is their prime focus.

So it would be a little overboard even for them to start working on another title, just yet. Still, we cannot be 100 percent sure.

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