Every now and then Nvidia rolls out driver updates for its GPU as they come in handy for various games in terms of graphics. However, if you are a PUBG player then do not update the new Nvidia Drivers for PUBG.

As just recently PUBG Corp took to its official Twitter account and has urged the players to not update these new updates since they are causing problems with the game.

Which means that if you have already updated then you might experience some issues with the game. However, you can roll back to the previous ones until further notice.

As you may have also read that the devs have reached out to GPU company regarding these Nvidia Drivers for PUBG that are causing problems. Hopefully, we will be getting a response from the devs soon enough.

With all that said, there is nothing much to worry about for this will be dealt soon enough. We know that PUBG Corp. has always taken good care of its fan base, be it a small issue or big issues like addressing cheaters. They have always come up with an optimal solution.

We will update you as soon as anything regarding it pops up.

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