To all the fans, The Man In The High Castle Season 3 has landed and with a Hydrogen bomb to be precise. Fhurer is dead, John Smith is making his way into the higher ranks, all the while mulling over the fact that he just lost his son.

While his family struggles, John also prepares for a German nuclear attack on Japan. We have
Juliana Crain fully indulged into her role and this time her performance is way more intense than expected.

The stakes are at an all-time high and that is why inspector Kido is also on top of things. Taking charge as always but this time with a firm hand.

This amazing season that gives us a glimpse into the world if Hitler had won the war, seemingly it is still keeping the promise intact.

When we saw The Man In The High Castle Season 3 trailer when it rolled out, we got a feeling that the “parallel worlds” is something of the motivation for this season. Honestly, the plot is way more than we expected it to be.

While we discuss how captivating this season actually is, we certainly can not let Nobusuke Tagomi outside the loop. The trade minister is perhaps the spirit of this season. Although he may not seem as much, his presence is heavy and performance is astounding as ever.

Breathing the philosophical and Sci-fi blend is just something that could not be possible without him. Without opening up the spoiler chest box it would be unjustifiable to actually say more about this season

However, putting it in simple words, the sorrowful atmosphere, the hopefull characters, set in a dystopian world with very little to hang on to, is something that is still the driving force of The Man In The High Castle Season 3.

With all that said, the direction is as amazing as we remember it to be, the intensity has increased ten folds, the stakes are high. Overall it has brought a lot of new stuff wearing the old coat from the previous seasons.

Putting it in easy words, they have gone more creative with this season. As for the mystery fans, its there and more forcefull.

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