While there is a lot of excitement for this amazing game Fallout 76, there is even more anticipation for its beta. As you may be familiar that its beta is scheduled to roll out this month. It seems perhaps Bethesda is a little too keen about the health of this game. That is they the devs have rolled out Multiple Fallout 76 Gameplay videos.

They have rolled out quite a lot of information through various outlets. We have Dualshockers shedding light on Matchmade Player Vs. Player Combat while Eurogamer thinks it is an entertaining compromise.

All the while, this new long footage covers new information about, screenshots, trailers, interviews, and the gameplay footage.

All of the major outlets that have covered various aspects of those Multiple Fallout 76 Gameplay Previews have been listed below.

With all that said,

The Fallout 76 beta release dates have been listed below. They vary based on the platforms.

  • Fallout 76 beta start date on Xbox One – Tuesday, October 23rd
  • Fallout 76 beta start date on PS4 and PC – Tuesday, October 30th

All of the videos have been made available below.

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