For those who have played, Killzone, they know that it was something new to the table by Guerrilla Games. In fact, it was specifically this game that actually put the Guerrilla studio on the map. However, Horizon Zero Dawn cannot be ignored it is the game that actually gave them critical acclamation.

Although now recently an interesting news has surfaced, which is more of a rumor, in fact, it should be treated as such. Apparently director and designer of Rainbow Six Siege, Simon Larouche, and Chris Lee have joined in with Guerrilla Games to work on a new Killzone game.


Now since this rumor originates from a user over at “resetERA” we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt.

Simon Larouche is no strange to Killzone as he was previously worked on Killzone 2 as well with Guerrilla Games, so him making a return is rather interesting.

With all that said, it is an interesting rumor, let us see what becomes of it.

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