Venom seems to have made a debut with somewhat of mixed reviews, to be honest. Now if there was anything that kept the audience captivated it was one name, Tom Hardy. So did Tom Hardy Just Save Venom? Or is the question that should be asked in the first place?

Venom film currently resides at 31% over at Rotten Tomatoes, so this may give you somewhat of an idea of how this film is actually doing. Apart from a solid performance from Tom Hardy, the film seems to endure some high criticism as well.

Now Hard’s banter with Venom did seem to catch some acclimation from reviewers but it apparently seems that perhaps, his character and the flawless performance he pulled off was not enough to save the film from deep waters.

Now in most of the superhero films, the criticism always takes birth from the boring monotony they have in the scenes. Apparently, Venom did try to slip pass that similar monotony but as it seems, it was not able to. At least until this very moment.

Let me put it this way, the reviewers and critics are baffling over was this a super-hero movie or Tom Hardy movie because if it’s a superhero movie, it is just another mediocre film. However, if its Hardy’s film then we have a winner.

Variety’s Owen Gleiberman adds,

“Venom could have been a fun creation, but the film spends too long watching him… originate.”

While A.V. Club’s Jesse Hassenger says that it is a flawed attempt to create an ultimate villain that eventually is portrayed as a supersized version of the hero.

“It’s disappointing to see Sony’s nascent, fumbling attempt at a Spider-Man without Spider-Man universe stumble through so much superhero-move detritus: perfunctory side characters (especially the women); the ultimate villain that’s essentially a supersized version of the hero;

LA Times’ Justin Chang adds,

“‘Venom’ never fully embraces or maximizes the exuberant nastiness of its premise”

Apparently, most of the film critics have similar to say about this film. All the while no one seems to be unhappy with Hardy’s performance. Unfortunately, even though his performance may be sparkling, profound and penetrating for most of us but did Tom Hardy Just Save Venom? Well, it apparently was not enough to spark joy for Venom among the fans.

Did Tom Hardy Just Save Venom? 4.3/5 (87%) 6 votes
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