Very recently the upcoming movie, Vice’s trailer was released and although it was amazing, there is another aspect everyone is interested in. Yes, Christian Bale has yet again gone through a crazy body transformation.
As you may have seen in the trailer, in order to portray the role of former VP of the United States, Dick Cheney, Bale has changed to such a level that you might not even recognize him at first glimpse.

The Vice trailer starts with George W Bush’s character played by Sam Rockwell saying,

“I want you to be my VP, I want you. You are my Vice.”

Following that the camera shifts towards an old bulky man and at first most of us are stunned by the transformation Bale has gone through.

There is no doubt that Bale has a class of his own. He has done some major performances in some of the most acclaimed movies with some of the most known directors. We all know that he has the capacity to perform that can literally drop your jaws.

This is not the first time Christian Bale has gone through a crazy body transformation, in the past he has done some major transformation. A few times he even took things a little too far. Like when he transformed his body into a lean, thin one for American Psycho.

Or the time when he lost weight of about 27kg for The Machinist. Batman Begins, American Hustle, Backseat you name it he has done it and now with this major bulky transformation. A major excitement has been added.

Also provided the fact that alongside, Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell we have the stunning and talented Amy Adams and the amazing Steve Carell. It only seems to add to the hype for this movie which is a biographical drama based on true events.

Vice is scheduled to roll out, on 25 December 2018.

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