Just a little while back we heard the news of Telltale Games laying off 250 of its employees, which pretty much caught everyone out of the blue. However, this latest news of Telltale Games letting of its remaining employees does not come as much of a surprise.

For most, it was expected already, in fact, the company when laid of its previous 250 employees, announced that they would be shutting down. However, let it be known that they have not yet laid off all the remaining employees but only a specific crew.

After the unexpected news of 250 employees being laid off, the company kept a crew of about 25 of its employees to fulfill outstanding obligations. Now it seems like the time has come and some of the remaining employees to have met the fate similar to the other 250.

Just yesterday, the nor former narrative designer Rachel Noel took to her Twitter account and said that she and her crew just got laid off.

Now when she posted this, some reported this news as laying of rest of the remaining employees at the Telltale Games. While that was not the case. Rachel Noel following her post gave a confirmation that ” I think there was some misunderstanding about my earlier message”. She then added that only her team has been let go there still are some people working at the company.

So this is to add that Telltale Games has not shut down yet, it probably will in the coming days but for now it is still breathing some breaths.

With all that said, those 25 or so people have been kept to fulfill some remaining obligations which include Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix and The Walking Dead Final Season.

So prepare yourself to bid Telltale Games goodbye sometime soon and let us wish the employees good luck in their future endeavors.

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