Rumors and leaks are the best things that happen in the gaming industry. It does not matter what kind or how limited a leak is, fans will always find something to latch themselves on to. Similar is the case with this newly surfaced leak, which seems to suggest that now Rocksteady’s next title is a Batman: Arkham Game.

Now since this is a rumor, we recommend that you take this with a grain of salt. Having said that this leak comes from a Reddit user who goes by the name, “est1992“.

Apparently, he not only claims that Rocksteady’s next title is a Batman: Arkham Game but alongside he has also revealed some interesting details.

The details have been made available below for you to see.

  • Release Date: Fall 2019
  • Current Gen: XB1/1X/PS4/PS4Pro/PC
  • Single player/Co-op/Multiplayer(specific modes)
  • Characters include the entire Batfamily: Batman, Robin(Tim), Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Red Hood
  • Gotham is about 1.5x the size of AK. Districts and neighborhoods have gone through a complete overhaul.
  • Gotham is now a “living, breathing city”
  • Set Time of Day/Weather(Rain, Overcast, Snow)
  • There are random crimes such as car chases, bank robberies, muggings, and so forth.
  • Main Villain: Court of Owls
  • The story takes inspiration from the different Court of Owls storylines.
  • Every character is available in free roam.
  • Batman has a redesigned Batmobile(transport only) and the other characters have their cycles
  • Batcave serves as the main hub for upgrades, character swaps, new missions, game modes
  • The game plays similar to past Arkham games, but there are new options for co-op: Dual takedowns in combat/stealth.
  • Stealth segments make you work together
  • Parkour has been expanded. Characters move a lot quicker and more fluid.
  • Main gadgets are the same except for a couple new additions.
  • New enemy types include Talons and Pilots(enemies that hover the battlefield, you have to either use a gadget or dual
    takedown to get them down)
  • Talons are the same as the ninja types from Arkham Knight. They can counter your counters and also have their own gadgets(knife, throwing knife)
  • The game takes place in the Arkhamverse, obviously
  • This is supposed to be Rocksteady’s true “last hoorah” of Batman games.

The reason this Batman: Arkham Game leak has taken quite a lot of attention is the fact that there recently had been another leak of an alleged RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. A video to be specific, and a lot of fans have assumed it to be developed by Rocksteady but then again it seems like that Harry Potter game is being developed by Avalanche Softwares.

So it all might be a little flakey at the moment but let us see what the future holds.

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