Well, we all were skeptical when we heard that Bradley Cooper was going to remake, A Star Is Born. Not because of the fact that it has not had remakes before but the fact that will Copper’s take over this remake be something, that would give us a nostalgic feeling? relating to the previous ones. Or would it be something new as a whole?

This feeling of being skeptical was because of the fact that Cooper, has not had the chance to sit in the director’s chair before and that is a big step for him. On the side note, if you are not a good director, the collateral sometimes washes you completely. In fact, it may put one’s future in jeopardy.

Now directing was not enough, Cooper had to co-write, co-produce and also star in it. Catching the drift? If one angle fails at least the other would be acclaimed.

However, Cooper has gone above and beyond with this A Star Is Born remake. It is tragic, timeless, captivating, and for some, it really struck some heavy cords.

Honestly, if you still have any ambiguities, now is not the time to have them because this film is for the lovers. It has a strong grip over its narrative yet it does keep its simplicity intact, old-fashioned in its core. A cinematic experience that should not be missed and of course, music has a major role in it, so make sure you have a stellar sound system for it.

In the end, this film can be placed as somthing that migh open big doors for Bradley Cooper in the production department. It beautifully written, amazingly directed, perfectly shot, performance that will leave you with something to hold on to. So find your slef somthing to to hold close from this film.

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