While we are not too far off from the release date of this game but no one would argue that it would be a perfect time to roll out a Darksiders 3 Force Fury Trailer and that they have.

Yes just yesterday, the devs decided it was time to roll out a dark Halloween vibe giving Darksiders 3 Force Fury Trailer. Regarding the trailer, you must already have an idea that it is pretty intriguing and gives its fans quite a lot to expect from the game.

The game trailer has been made available for you to see, in which we see Fury in action against quite a lot of enemies with heinous intentions.

What we can gather from this trailer is the fact that the force hollow skill is very much apart from the default look of Fury we know of. Now we see her making use of that skill but we see her hair turn fiery purple and we also see her gain access to a number of new abilities.

Did someone say new abilities? Well yes and along with increasing strength.

In general, Darksiders 3 Force Fury Trailer shows just how capable the third horseman is when she has to face her nemesis. Her trusty whip is there alright but alongside it, we see her utilize some sort of hammer to take down her enemies. And when she hit them they break down into the ground like nails.

Will all that said, it is likely that we might get another trailer before the actual game rolls out in November. Or perhaps a leak similar to the leak of its release date, which accidentally surfaced on the Microsoft Store.

So let us keep our fingers crossed for a next trailer but do let us know your thoughts about this Darksiders 3 Force Fury Trailer?

Darksiders 3 Force Fury Trailer Gives A Halloween Vibe 4.9/5 (97%) 23 votes
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