Over at Twitter, fans have been asking quite a lot of questions every now and then. Some get answered some don’t and some do get a response, but kind of what we are not expecting. Well, this new response to a question asked by a fan about Trading In Anthem, by Mark Darrah had somewhat of a different answer.

Upon asking a series of queries, to one specific one, Durrah responded saying that there will be no trading in the game. Now that means, if you are equipped with a particular exo-suit, you won’t be able to trade look which you pick up from another exo-suit.

He added that players will get loot for the JAVELIN exo-suit they are playing with. However, loot for other exo-suit might be rewarded in common cases.

Since not much details have been revealed upon this Trading In Anthem, so a few things might appear as uncertain at this point, which is pretty normal.

Apart from that Darrah also revealed that loot drops, which give weapons rare abilities will probably not be included in the game at launch. However, he did add that it is something, which is like very much possible. So we can keep our expectations high, for it to be featured in the game.

Lastly, he also said that players commanding other players in their group to do nothing, so that they may be able to do entire mission themselves is something that is not executable in the game. In fact, he added that it is not possible in the game.

Talking about group members and stuff, did you guys know that if you find your self in a situation in which you teammate has run off then worry not and let him get lost. No need to find him and waste time. If he is lost let him die because it won’t affect your game progress, carry on.

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