This topic has been under long debate for the past many years. Now after the matter has received more heat, some of the top gaming companies like Activision, EA and more are under major scrutiny by the Gambling Commission. Along with the Commission, 15 countries have now combined their efforts against this long-running issue of Loot Boxes.

The reason for this union of countries is the recent situation that has become a point of concern. Recently EA came under criminal investigation in Belgium, for not complying with the removal of loot boxes from their one of the most played game FIFA. Blizzard also voiced their views in a statement by saying they do not agree with the “interpretation of Belgian law” by the Belgian’s Gaming Commission.

After this, a letter has been published by this union of 15 countries, raising voice against the use of loot boxes and Skin Betting which was previously and still is under strict action. They voice there increasing concerns by saying that they have come together to,

Address the risks created by the blurring of lines between gaming and gambling.

Countries Included in this group are mostly European but the United States has also signed in via Washington State Gambling Commission. UK, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Gibralter, Ireland, Norway are also in the group.

No action has yet been taken under the given circumstances, But the efforts point clearly towards a possible change. As this now has become an International issue, the situation for the gaming companies is possibly going to change.

The first paragraph of the letter clearly states the motive of the union.

Our authorities are committed to the objectives of their public policies with regard to consumer
protection, prevention of problem gambling and ensuring the safety of underage persons. While
each regulator has distinct duties and powers within our own national gambling frameworks,
we share a number of common principles including the need for gambling to be regulated
to ensure high standards of integrity, fairness and consumer protection, in particular in relation
to children.

You can read the rest of the letter here.

Talking about laws in Europe, new laws are being formed in regards to TV entertainment providers like Netflix and Amazon to create more European content.

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