By the end of this month, FIFA fans all around the globe will be quenching their thirst for football, with the latest release of the franchise, FIFA 19. About FIFA, numerous news and leaks have surfaced and lots of new stuff about the game has been released. Talking about the leaks, a Twitter account has leaked FIFA 19 FUT Card Types List and lots more.

This upcoming game at the moment is the most highly anticipated release of the year. As always fans are very excited to lay there hands on one as soon as possible. This FIFA 19 FUT Card Types List has come from Dan Fifanomics, who has been responsible for many other FIFA related leaks.

The list goes like this,

In this streak of leaks, recently a list containing names of those players has surfaced, who have FIVE STAR skills. Being advised as these are leaks and has yet not been officially released, take it with a pinch of salt. You can view the list below.

Marcelo (Real Madrid)

Coutinho (Barcelona)

Mbappé (PSG)

Ibrahimovic (L.A. Galaxy)

Depay (Lyon)

Zaha (Crystal Palace)

Coman (Bayern Munich)

Bernardeschi (Juventus)

Corona (Porto)

Acuña (Sporting CP)

Elia (Istanbul)

Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid)

Ødegaard (Vitesse)

Neres (Ajax)

Haqiri (Liverpool)

EA is now quite busy in bringing new modes and stuff to the Fifa franchise so that new and old all players and fans can be hooked with it for long. A new mode, House Rules has been released, in which two teams will start with 11 players each. With a new goal everytime a player will be reduced from the team. Team with most goals least no of players will win.

In another leak, FC Barcelona players ratings have been released making Barcelona a serious team to watch out for. With that said, FIFA 19 is coming out in this running month on 28th, across PCs, PS4 and Xbox One.

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