For those who prefer a galactic type of entertainment with a pinch of drama, they might like the newly released Hulu’s, The First Season.

Just yesterday, Hulu has rolled out the first season of much anticipated The First Tv Series. Now the reason it has had a considerate amount of anticipation is because the creators and the actors featuring in this season are quite popular.

Beau Willmon is the creator of this newly released series, it would not be wrong to say that Willmon needs little introduction.

However for those who do not know him would recognize him, form his previous amazing work. He is known from his previous successful work, The Ides of March as well as the much loved House of Cards.

So we can be certain that this new work of his could really prove to be extraordinary. Provided the fact that we have the main lead being played by the one and only, Sean Penn.

Yes, you read right, Sean Penn is among the cast of The First Season. Having said that Hulu has rolled out all the 8 episodes of the first season together. So perhaps a marathon is in order?

So without laying out the spoilers, all we can say is that this is a fictional series which chronicles the effort of humans, to send the first ever human crew to Mars.

The list of some of the major cast has been listed below.

  • Sean Penn as Tom Hagerty
  • Rey Lucas as Matteo Vega
  • Brian Lee Franklin as Lawrence
  • T.C. Matherne as Jason
  • LisaGay Hamilton as Kayla Price
  • Hannah Ware as Sadie Hewitt
  • James Ransone as Nick Fletcher
  • Anna Jacoby-Heron as Anna Jacoby-Heron

If you have any ambiguity about this new season, then it would be better than you lay your eyes on the amazing trailer of this TV Series first. Which might give you a better understanding.

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