As you might already know that Black Ops 4 Beta is now live on PC and Xbox One and while everyone is excited, they all they must also have noticed that the number of players supported in this beta is a little less compared to the number of players we had in the PS4 beta.

Having said that once the devs are able to optimize this beta, they will increase the player count as well. Alongside the announcement of the player count, the developers have also rolled out a new update for this new Black Ops 4 Beta.

This new update brings with it some minor changes and fixed to the beta as well as some tuning helps so that players may optimize their overall experience.

The details have been listed below,

  • General

Beta now live on Xbox One and PC, currently with up to 80 maximum players per match

  • Miscellaneous

Multiple fixes for “Game Session Has Ended” errors. We continue to find and fix these issues on a case-by-case basis.

Multiple fixes for collision and players getting stuck on the map

Additional improvements to stats both behind the scenes and for Merits Per Action

  • Various Killcam bug fixes

Fixed a bug that caused multiple players to spawn in the Staging Area in the same spot

Fixes for players not properly entering the downed state when involved in mid-air helicopter crashes

  • Game Tuning


Increased the damage players take inside the collapsed area of the map


Players can no longer gain altitude at high speed

Pulling up from a steep dive now takes slightly longer

Supply Drops:

Cargo plane now has increased health and cannot be damaged by bullets

Putting all that into context, if you have not yet laid eyes on this Black Ops 4 Beta due to any reason, or the fact that you do not know its requirements then you need not worry.

Apart from that if there still are some concerns about this game, then we also recently had the design director David Vonderhaar answer quite an amount of question regarding this game, in a rapid-fire session. Perhaps that will help create a better opinion of this upcoming game.

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