Fans all around the world have been desperately waiting for the Fallout 76 to roll out. Fallout 76 Beta version of the game, on the other hand, is at the moment the first point of concern for the players. No official date has been announced yet for the release of the Beta by Bethesda. However, a fan’s story about the game’s preorder purchase and what happened after that has led the circles to the conclusion, that October 8th can be the possible date for the Betas release.

As said earlier, the official date for the Fallout 76 Beta has not yet been announced, but fans already knew that the Beta will be coming out at least a month before the official game is released. The interesting thing about the Beta is, that the players will be able to carry on their game progress form the Beta to the official game upon its release. So the official announcement of the Beta’s date is of utmost importance to the fans.

A Reddit user who goes by the name of “AlfieTorpedo” is the person responsible for this possible release date of the beta. His tale about how he stumbled upon to this particular date is very interesting. He preordered the game via Amazon, at the end of the purchase Bethesda was to send him the Beta codes for the game after two days of the purchase. Which he did not receive. So he started inquiring about the delay, from multiple Amazon representatives. As the given time was the official time limit set by Bethesda for the codes to be dispatched to the buyer.

So, upon inquiry, no other information was provided except for he was told that he will be receiving these Beta codes on 8th of October. After this, discussions started to take place among the fans on multiple platforms and a common understanding was achieved that this October 8th is presumably the date when the Fallout 76 Beta is being released.

With that said, to enter the Beta you would have to preorder the game via Bethesda store, Gamestop or Amazon. Then you would be receiving a Beta code, which you would have to enter into a Bethesda.net account giving you access to the Beta. You can also check out the official trailer for the game. Did you know? Fallout 76 Trailer Track Country Roads, has been on top of the US iTunes chart for some time.

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