Spiderman PS4 fans all around the world are swinging through the air unstoppable. After the game’s official launch sales touched new heights, becoming the fastest selling game of the year. All thanks to the combined efforts of the trio Marvel, Insomniac Games and the big guy sitting in the back Sony.

At this time of reaping the fruits of success, Insomniac Games has not forgotten the extents of help that Sony provided them, in reaching to this moment. As Insomniac is enjoying the praises of success, they have shown their gratitude to the Sony, in some very humble words.

This news came out recently when Bryan Intihar, the creative director of Spiderman PS4, in an interview with Kinda Funny Games, expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the amount of efforts and help that Sony invested in making Spiderman on PlayStation 4 possible.

His words go like this,

This game would not exist if it wasn’t for PlayStation, if not for their support. Any time I wanted to do something, and I wanted to make some drastic change, it was just like, ‘Okay’. I never heard about anything. It was just like, ‘Go do it.’ The question was, ‘Is it gonna make the game better?’ and I’d say, ‘Yep’, and they’d go, ‘Okay’, and that would be the last time I’d hear about it.

His words show how compatible Sony has been, with Insomniac and Marvel. Sony has a reputation of being a supporting partner for many previous projects. Bryan also added that the Sony after the launch and success of Spiderman PS4 has not been receiving enough light, for which they are entitled to. Bryan said these words in appreciation at the end.

So many people want to talk about Marvel and Insomniac – which is awesome… But I owe everything to PlayStation.

Insomniac Games along with Marvel and Sony has also pointed out that this trio has been successful in making games together and they have plans, for making more Spiderman games in future as well. Also if everything goes according to the plans there can be a possibility of a Marvel Universe Of Games.

With that said, for those who are already finished with Spiderman game they need not worry because a new game plus update for Spiderman is already in the works and is not far off. So more fun coming your way.

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