Not many days have passed since the Spiderman PS4 has released. There are fans all around the world who are not content with this game and are begging continuously for more. Their voice has been heard, Insomniac Games have announced that Spiderman New Game Plus Update is in works getting polished.

This news surfaced instantly after Insomniac Games on Twitter replied to a fans inquisition about a new game+ mode.s

What is New Game+ mode? this is a way to start the game new with keeping all the abilities of the previous play available. God Of War has been the first game to launch there New Game Plus mode sometime after the launch of their game.

Many fans have already completed the game and are in utter love with it. This news will serve as a gift for these fans as their demand has been so quickly heard.

No more information about the Spiderman New Game Plus Update has been released. No release date and nothing about the story. It is expected that the game will be based on the present storyline lets hope and see. Surely whatever they are going to do will certainly be very interesting and captivating as the first playthrough.

Spiderman PS4 has received acclamation worldwide and has been dubbed as the fastest selling game and the one game with the potential to rise to the level of the game of the year in the UK.

As most of the fans already know there are three DLCs of the game that will be rolling out on their respective release dates soon. First DLC has already been announced and a teaser trailer has also been released.

Have you heard about the saddest Easter Egg in the Spiderman, read all about it here.

With that said, Insomniac Games’ Marvel Spiderman is available for play exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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