The fans around the world, are still mulling over the ending of Avengers Infinity War and that is why they are anxious for a proper conclusion, from the much awaited Avengers 4. Well for those waiting, the Avengers 4 Conclusion has still not been set to stone.

As just recently the star Mark Ruffalo (the one portraying the roll of scientist Dr. Bruce Banner and the much loved alter ego, Hulk) revealed in an interview that the the ongoing shootings of Avengers 4 are mostly to finish the ending of the movie.

In an interview with The Marveist Podcast, he added that the res-hooting scenes are to finish the big chunks of the film, so there is apparently less focus on the rest of the film, rather on its ending.

Well this should not be much of a surprise, one thing Infinity Was gave us was the kind of ending, which everyone loved. However, what we can gather from Mark Ruffalo’s statement is the fact that the ending for Avengers 4 has still not been set to stone.

Which also points to the fact that they are very cautious about the Avengers 4 Conclusion, since the benchmark has been set a little too high.

In his interview, Ruffalo said,

Well we’re doing reshoots starting in September. And then we’ll go back into the international tour, we’ll go on tour… Then you guys will get [The Avengers 4]. Which we don’t even know what it’s gonna be yet. We’re not just doing reshoots, we’re going to finish the movie, which we really didn’t get to finish totally when we left it last year… It’s pretty amazing. And we’ll shoot some stuff and a few days later come back and reshoot it cause we wanna take it in another direction.

All that is fine and dandy but what really caught our attention, was when Ruffalo referring to the ending of Avengers 4 said,

It’s a very living organism, even as we approach it being a locked picture, we’re still working on it.

So perhaps, fans can expect Avengers 4 to be as amazing, brilliant and as successful as Avengers Infinity War. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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