In a recent rapid fire round, design director David Vonderhaar answered a hefty amount of questions with lots of details. These details have quenched the thirst of millions of fans around the world. This question answer session has revealed details regarding multiple topics, but mostly regarding Black Ops 4 Blackout. let’s get into it.

195 seems like a lot of questions but as it can be expected, a few were also left unanswered. As the official release date of the game is not that far away, continuing betas and this round of question answers serves as a hype booster among the circles.

The first question was regarding the player count, one of the most inquired about topic. To which David said, that the player count is 80 same as the beta, but the developers are working on it to be in between 100 or 115. Let’s hope and see.

In a question about Blackout, all being a big simulation David replied very clearly with a big no. The Location of the Blackout is still unclear but David replied to a question about it saying maybe Northern California. Blackout split screen is also under testing phase at Treyarch.

In a question about adding new characters or cameos to the game, David said, they are not ruling out the possibility of adding new characters from other games but in this Black Ops 4 Blackout nothing from outside the Treyarch’s domain, only from the past games.

There are going to be multiple types of armors but there can be no clothing or cosmetic loot. David says there is going to be no variant rarity, as it is too confusing for the rest of the game. Character missions and mission progression will help unlock new content.

Players can trade items among the squad members. If a player loots a dead player he or she can then continue the quest which the dead player was on. Questions about the zombies were mostly avoided by David, but he did say that these zombies will spawn at least, at four locations. “Look for the ray of light” David added.

On Wednesday Official Twitter page of Call Of Duty Tweeted a picture of the Black Ops 4 Blackout map on which the battle will take place. Not much can be gathered from the map but still, players can get the idea of the area, terrain, and locations on the map. Below you can see the aerial view of the map and can read more about it here.Black Ops 4 Blackout

Coming back to the rapid-fire session of Black Ops 4 Blackout, here are the answers to the rest of the questions,

LTM events to use/unlock certain content

The circle will also close in on zombies as well

Blackout indirectly affects other game modes

Helicopters will spawn at helipad or landing possible areas. Not all sites will be marked “H” it can also be a dirt patch.

There is a capacity of 10 to 20 loot items onto a vehicle.

Players will be able to carry two primary weapons.

Some type of victory quote when Blackout is won.

No possibillity of other AI enemies in the future.

Treyarch has always made First-Person, No third-person.

James Harden may have inadvertently disclosed BO4 was upcoming title when wore a hat with the logo in May 2018.

Game tuning, item tuning, progression rates etc being worked on by Treyarch.

No information on Blackout will be available as a standalone title.

Final circle is largely random on the map but can sometimes be “directed”, not too much on water, usually on construction sites for examples.

David says Camping playstyles will not win games.

Players can find Ruin’s grappling hook on the map and use this

New characters confirmed your own icon.

Fall damage confirmed.

Vehicle horns can be honked.

No different weather, can see in good weather conditions but may change as Blackout progresses.

Firing Range and Nuketown Island confirmed (surrounded by water).

Nuketown Island has mannequins.

Little Bird is a small helicopter in Blackout (no big helicopter named Big Bird – copyright issues).

Possible, planned Blackout emotes – Melee weapons in Blackout.

Involves Zombies.

Circle of Nova Gas possibly, but being caught outside the circle is bad news.

Raven is making a game with Treyarch.

David is a fan of SHG’s Prop Hunt, expect to see this in Multi-Player.

No HQ in Black Ops 4

5 Vehicles confirmed. Boat, 2 Cars, Little Bird.

David wanted wingsuit during introduction to BO4 but opted for parachuting.

No voiced lines/dialogue between characters in BO4.

At least one Mason in Blackout.

Lots of requests to play as Zombies (no information on whether this is possible, ruled out JFK, Kimmel).

No cross-platform play.

20 characters to choose from at Black Ops 4 Blackout launch, possibly 22.

The beta will try to include all characters available at launch.

Introduction to characters at the compact, small.

Possible relationships between specialists.

Difficult to run at 60 fps at Blackout size, but 60 fps is a consistent target and can be hit.

No free run in Blackout, but there are references to this in Blackout.

With that being said, you can check out the whole video of the interview at Gameinformer.  Do you know Activision claims to have Optimized the graphics for PCs, in an exclusive trailer?

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