Soon, Law Bounds Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming websites, which are carrying out there operations in the European Union to create 30% of there content locally. Countries in the union can then by choice opt to increase this to 40% individually.

This means shows and movies made for the European viewers will be made in Europe as well endorsing the European cinema and arts. Robert Viola who is the head of the European Commission department for content, communications, and technology, at the Venice Film Festival talked about the implementation of the quota. He is very sure this will become law very soon. His words go like this,

We just need the final vote, but it’s a mere formality.

Robert also Tweeted regarding the topic saying,

European filmmakers produce great content. It should be easier for them to bring it to new audiences

Law Bounds Netflix, Amazon, and other streamers to also fund programmes that are produced in Europe. By commissioning the content, taking over it, or by paying into the national film fund via a small amount of surcharge, that will be added to their subscription fee. This procedure is already taking place in Germany. This will be the countries choose, to follow which procedure they would like to adopt.

Robert says that starting from December, the European Unions member states would have no more than twenty months to implement the new law. He also said that Netflix at the moment is not that distant from the 30% target, of European content on its manifesto.

This law is actually a way to up the level of investment in the whole of Europe. Other laws are also coming in shape, that will help the general public, the content developers of the streaming sites like YouTube, to earn their right full share of funds by renegotiating their terms of contracts.

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