Now the future of every big game lies, on what new and interesting thing they are bringing in. This can be something like the new and upcoming Black Ops 4 or can be something like CD Projekt Reds upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. Ubisoft has always been the one, trying to bring in that very thing which always wins the crowd. In a recent Interview with the official Xbox Magazine, Jonathan Dumont who is the Creative Director at the studio discussed many interesting things like the inspiration of the storyline and the extensive ability to make Choices In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

Jonathan, in the interview, revealed that a Greek tragedy which he did not specify is the inspiration behind the main storyline of the new game. Choices In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are now much improved and impacting. He puts it very nicely by saying,

We try to say that there are no wrong choices. They’re all choices that you make and they’re all valid.

All these different choices that the player chooses, will bring him to the same point that he desires but through a different process. The team here is trying to put the player through tough choices, the process will not be tough but will be full of emotions. These branching choices are used in this installment of the franchise for the first time.

These branches of choices are spread across the world. If you are in a dialogue with a character there are choices at that point as well. You can choose to lie your way out or can get romantic or all the way to attack the person, these small choices will have immediate consequences for the player. It is you who will decide your characters way forward and explore possibilities.

The purpose of these choices regardless of being good or bad is to make the player feel free and decide according to his or her own will and see what comes out of there decisions.  Jonathan here summarises all in a very nice way saying,

It’s more: here’s a big storyline and a storyline about making personal choices and those choices will have an impact down the road, or immediately. It’s not about influencing a faction necessarily or having an effect on the main storyline, it is much more about your personal journey. We tried to look at it as what would happen in this Greek tragedy if the main character had decided to do this instead, so we were looking at it more from a classical storytelling point of view, rather than into a system point of view, to feel more natural. Or at least we think it feels natural.

Apart from Choices In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,  Naval Combat, exploration of the ocean, has also improved many folds. The stealth capabilities in the game have also turned up a notch and will give the player some very powerful abilities in the game.

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