Recently claims started circulating the circles, regarding a possibility of graphics downgrade, in the upcoming Marvel’s Spiderman PS4. This claim was in direct response to the change in the size of the puddles in one particular scene in the video.

These claims came out just before the anticipated release of the game within a few days. A particular Reddit post showing more puddles in the previous E3 2018 trailer, than the new video, was the main reason for the claims. Claims directly pointed towards Insomniac Games downgrading the graphics to somehow meet the demands of high performance.

After the issue started receiving some heat, Insomniac Game responded via Twitter saying the change in the puddle size does not mean any downgrade in graphics. This for time being and to some extent has resulted in eliminating the concerns about the particular issue.

The original Tweet from Insomniac Games goes like this.

James Stevenson Community Director at Insomniac Games also replied to these claims saying,

The puddles being moved had nothing to do with performance.

“Why Then?” someone asked, to this he replied,

Pretty sure it was a design / art / usability reason thing. Definitely wasn’t performance, as we have spots with tons of puddles in the game with no performance issue.

Along with this some fans also had issues with the Spidey costume in the new trailer. To this Stevenson replied saying the costume might be different, because of the use of better technology than before that will help make it more attractive while Parker swings from one building to other.

Bright sunlight causes concrete to blow out and look bright. Plus our post effects ( DOF and motion blur tech in particular) are way better in 2018, which causes stuff to be blurrier when pulled like that, but that’s because it’s supposed to look good IN MOTION.

With that being said, Check out the Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 Action Sequence Breakdown Video.

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