In a recent video, developers from Insomniac Games explained how they developed the awesome action sequences in their upcoming new game Marvel’s Spiderman PS4. The video comprises of work in progress footage from the game, developers commentary, and motion capture recordings.

The action sequence breakdown video contains commentary from the Animation director, Bobby Coddington, Art director Jacinda Chew, Senior Producer and Project Lead Eric Monacelli and the Creative director Bryan Intihar.

All of them emphasized, on the importance of a strong storyline which forms the basis of a strong action sequence. What makes Spiderman an extraordinary hero, are the extraordinary villains. To show these villains and their true potentials, multiple angles were discussed which will best justify the scene.

The most interesting part of the video was, that the developers are using previsualization in 3D, to create the perfect setting of the scene and then the stunt guys would perform that action sequence and the animators will finish and polish it off.

Then the Villains come in. In Marvel’s Spiderman PS4, there are multiple havoc causing villains. These villains, have there own identity and style, and the developers insisted on keeping there identity and style as capturing and defining as the hero itself. Also, a lot of attention has been given to the graphical detail in the game.

With that said, go ahead and watch the whole video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. As the game is approaching its release date very soon, lots of new details and fun stuff is being released while we wait. We will be updating news and information for you as soon as they come out.

The Marvel’s Spiderman is set to release on September, 7. Exclusively on PlayStation 4. Along with this video, you can also enjoy the gameplay footage as well.

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