The new Call Of Duty installment is not so far away. News about changes, improvements, and other details are a being released on a daily basis. Recently a Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 New PC Trailer has been released. Activision here claims that graphics of the game has been “optimized for the PC,”.

They say that the new game on the PCs will be able to support the 4K resolution, and the framerates are going to be through the roof. The game will also support ultrawide and multi-screen setups. Activision also says that while playing, players will be able to extensively customize their controls. Along with this company says that for the PC gameplay and gunplay have also been balanced.

Co-developer of the game Beenox’s Co-head, Thomas Wilson said some things about the PC version a few weeks back, explaining that improvements for the PC version of the game were much necessary. His actual words go like this.

Basically what we do is spend the amount of resources and time that PC version needs for the first time, We look at what the PC community would expect—and that comes down to flexibility, options, and it’s making sure that we have a wide variety of features that are supported so that we address what players want.

There are mixed views about the life of the PC version of the game. They say that for a game to live long, constant updates and new stuff needs to be incorporated into on regular bases, like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Siege DOTA, and other games. They have kept their fan base alive and is being played and loved after so many years. Activision needs to adopt such a business model that provides the player with no reason to stop playing the game after many months or years of release.

With that said, go ahead and watch this Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 New PC Trailer. Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below. Black Ops 4 is coming to play this October 12, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will be exclusively released from Blizzard’s Battle.net service.

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