Some Call Of Duty pro players have come forth and have started showing their concerns about the possibility of a change, in the number of members in a team, in competitive mode from 4v4 to 5v5 Competitive In Black Ops 4. If this happens it will certainly not be the only change.

Keeping in mind, Call Of Duty has always had 4v4 teams, this new change is bound to have some tensions and concerns coming its way. Along with the concerned voices, there are a few who think this change might help in finding out some new and hidden talent.

Dan Bunting, who is Co-studio head at Treyarch, explained saying people at Treyarch wants to slow things down for the purpose of meaningful decision making, tactical play, and fruitful communication. This explanation of his has not given any satisfying answers. The concerned still think that what Bunting is explaining, 4v4 setup does exactly that. What is the purpose of changing then?

The first person to raise voice against the issue is the two-time world champion, Patrick Price A.K.A ACHES. He thinks this is not going to work, and they have gone delusional thinking it will bring out opportunities. His exact words go like this.

Other players who are in agreement with ACHES include Martin Chino A.K.A Chino, Mark Bryceland A.K.A MarkyB, Rhys Price A.K.A Rated, Former professional player Anthony Wheeler A.K.A NAMELESS, Tommy Paparatto A.K.A ZooMaa, Doug Martin A.K.A Censor.

Their respective views go like this.

Martin Chino says the competition will turn into a one-sided event.

Mark Bryceland and Rhys Price are both European players are in agreement with ACHES but thinks differently regarding finding new talent. Their tweets go like this.

Anthony Wheeler’s views about 5v5 Competitive In Black Ops 4 are optimistic. Both sides may have their issues but overall he is fine with the change his tweet goes like this.

This news has yet to be confirmed by Treyarch and Activision. Keeping in view the short amount of time left in the release of the game, if it is so then soon there will be some official announcement. Adding to that for the PC users, there is also some good news. A new PC trailer of Black Ops4 has been released, that shows some outstanding optimization of the games graphics and other things.

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