In the recent online update by EA, the devs of battlefield V shed light on some of the few interesting aspects of this upcoming game. Games core gameplay designer Florian Le Bihan, and weapon designer Julian Schimek discussed the level of realism in Battlefield V Gunplay.

Both these devs at DICE discussed the whole development teams thought process behind the works. The duo explained, how they wanted to merge every realistic detail, regarding the Gunplay in the game and how this can be improved from the previous installments in the franchise. They wanted to find out, that exact stability between the realistic weapons, their usage, and the players understanding and appreciation.

Florin’s words in this regard:

That was something that all of us on the Core Gameplay Team really wanted to improve upon for Battlefield V; so players will have an easier time understand a weapon’s behavior. We invested a huge amount of time working on solutions because we want players to have greater control over their shooting experience, and to clearly show what’s happening with a weapon.

This level of realism would not have been possible on the foundations of the previous games. So for this purpose, the development team rewrote the codes for the weapons in the game. Julian here said that the previous installments of the franchise have helped extensively in refining the Battlefield V Gunplay. Most of all Battlefield 3.

His exact words go like this:

In Battlefield 3, weapon base accuracy was very high when using the Heavy Barrel attachment, which allows players to reliably hit distant targets by reducing barrel whip. Drawing inspiration from older Battlefield games has led to many positive gunplay changes for Battlefield V, like dispersion decreasing constantly and not linearly.

Next stop was the feel of the weapon. The development team wanted the players to actually feel, how the weapons would have felt, if the player was in the similar situation holding the weapon and moving around with it.

Florian in this regard said:

During the sniper rifle animation sequence, the Animation Team placed emphasis on the bolt cycle. So when that bolt is pulled back, players see that this movement is aggressive and hopefully that visually communicates that this rifle is all about taking that one shot. Recoil benefits this further by changing a player’s field of view when a bullet is fired, and by giving the impression that the scope is kicking backwards against their eye.

With that said, Battlefield V is set to release on October 19, 2018, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For the PC users, games system requirements are also available.

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