Post-apocalyptic style games are now one of the most played and liked video games style. If the game carries a good story behind it, that is extra points. The Metro series is without a doubt the game from that very category. Today at Gamescom 2018, a Metro Exodus New Trailer was released and it was epic.

Anyone who has played the previous parts of the series knows, how excellent and capturing the game is. The feel of the game is immensely dark, apocalyptic yet very engagingly entertaining. Fans of the game around the world, after the game’s official reveal at 2018, E3, are growing extremely impatient.

The latest trailer has pushed the limits, it will not be wrong if we say, a little too much. 4A Games have been very successful in conveying the dark feel and the dark message to the fans. The mysterious being followed feel, creepy undefinable creatures, hidden motives, and the need for survival. All these elements that make Metro series immensely popular are present and showing in the Metro Exodus New Trailer.

The new trailer has taken Artyom to a new land, where there is a shining sun, chirping birds, and lots of greenery, but as the night time approaches some very grisly creatures and terrors come up to the surface and a haunting feel takes over. Wolf Like creatures start to roam the dark area, a child’s laugh echoes the lifeless decaying homes, a cult’s presence, and a deformed mutated bear are just a few things to look out for, in the midst of this fast pace survival.

This feeling is what makes this epic game much more epic. Go ahead and check the trailer out your self.

Keeping all that into context, did you guys know that actual Rocket Scientists are working with 4A Games to develop weapon mechanics and their impact upon collision. Adding to that the devs also gave a confirmation that this game will also feature bandit camps similar to Far Cry.

With that said, Metro Exodus is set to release on 22, February 2019. It will be released across three platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Let us know your thoughts about the new trailer and the game in the comments section below.

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