Since the start of the cinema, there has never been so fascinating secret agent character as the Bond. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig all these British actors have always been successful in stealing hearts of there fans all around the globe. It has now been a long debate for who to become the new 007 in the next Bond film. There are multiple rumors going on suggesting many names, but a recent Tweet by the 45-year-old actor Idris Elba has turned the favors into his advantage implying Idris Elba As The New 007.

Idris Elba Tweeted on August 12 a picture of himself with filters in place and an interesting statement which goes like this, “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba.” This typical bond style dialogue has stirred some waves in the community and people are unable to stop discussing this news.

This Tweet in a way has kind of confirmed the speculation of Idris Elba As The New 007. However a few hours later, three hours to be precise Idris again tweeted a picture of Public Enemy and a statement saying “Don’t believe the HYPE…”. We do not know if he is just referring to the group’s iconic song or his previous tweet but fans are hoping that this comes out to be true.

Before all this, there was news saying, Antoine Fuqua, the director behind Equalizer series, had a meeting with his big producer friend Barbara Broccoli, who is the most successful female producer of the industry and the person behind the Bond movies saying, it is now time for a black actor to step into this iconic role.

With all that said, along with Elba there are a few other famous and Brilliant actors under consideration for the role. This list also includes Tom Hardy and James Norton.

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