Six months back when Monster Hunter World was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it was an instant hit. From that moment news about its success and epicness started to emerge in the circles. It was announced in the 2018’s E3 that this epic title will be out on PCs for the fans in August. After this news about Monster Hunter World PC Release, fans became extremely restless upon the excruciating wait. Now the wait is over, the game has been released on PCs and the response is through the roof.

Instantly upon its console release, in just five days Capcom reported that the game sold almost five million copies worldwide. This huge response carried on in the preceding months. Capcoms recently released first quarter end financial statements, have revealed that Monster Hunter World has sold 8.3 million units worldwide.

Yesterday’s Monster Hunter World PC Release on Steam has been shaking grounds on multiple levels. Steam has reported that the game has instantly become the Japanese mega-hit release of this year. Also, the game was instantly picked up by more than 240K concurrent online players, breaking the previous record held by Dark Souls 3. After a long time, a Japanese game has once again been able to get a noticeable spot on Steam charts.

Monster Hunter World has become number 4 most played game on Steam. As the weekend is coming closer these numbers are expected to increase many folds. Not available immediately, but like the console game, this PC version will get an update soon which will add the most monstrous monster Deviljho along with others.

With that said, recently the Developers of the game in an interview talked about the monsters in the game and the ones they like and would like to add in the game. The game on Steam cost around $59.99 if you are looking to purchase. Have you checked the game out yet? let us know how you feel in the comments section below.

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